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Basic account setup
Basic account setup

Set your profile, your company's profile & localisations

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We'll cover

Add your Profile Information

Create your profile. It will be visible to your colleagues and your contacts.

  • Navigate to Settings > My profile

  • Add your name, your photo, phone number & signature

Clientjoy Profile Information

Add your Company or Organisation details

  • Navigate to Settings > Company Info

  • Add your Company name and Company address.

    Clientjoy Company Info

Add your Company's Localisation

  • Navigate to Settings > Workspace Settings

  • Set your Timezone, Date & Time Formats and Currency Formats.

Setup Currency

  • Navigate to Settings > Currency > Add currency

✍️ Note: When dealing with multiple currencies you can make one currency as default. When you do not provide a currency, Clientjoy will automatically choose the default currency. You can make any one currency default by choosing "Make as default" from the options available next to each currency.

Setup Taxes

  • Navigate to Settings > Invoices > Taxes

  • Click Add new Tax button

  • Add your Tax name and percentage that you'll be using in your Invoices

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