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  • How to connect PayPal with Clientjoy Invoices?

  • How to get PayPal secret ID?


PayPal is an online payments systems that support online money transfers and acts as a payment gateway for online transactions.

here is how you can connect PayPal with Clientjoy Invoices-

  • Navigate to Dashboard. Choose Settings.

  • From customer management settings choose payment methods.

  • Select PayPal as payment gateway integration.

  • Record the API Details and Advance options.

  • Once the API details such as PayPal Client Id, PayPal Client key, and Advance options like Currencies are recorded. You can Switch on the enable option and also select by default on the invoice option.

  • Click Save.

How to get PayPal Secret ID?

  • Click on Live and then Create App to create your application and add the application details.

  • Once the app has been created you will be able to see the Live API Credentials screen where you can find the Client ID and the Secret ID.

  • To get the Secret ID, click on Show.

For any query, you can reach out to Clientjoy support at [email protected]

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