Email Templates | Everything you need to know

Custom email templates allow you to modify the content of all emails that are sent to your clients e.g. while sending proposals or invoices to your client.


To modify the email content,

  1. Navigate to settings.


2 . Choose email templates in the customer management section




3 . Choose relevant module tabs to modify it's emails e.g. Invoices.




4 . Choose the email which you want to modify e.g. Sending Invoice to Customer




You can modify the email Subject and Body from here. You can make format the text as per your need e.g. making keywords bold.


Note: You can use merge fields to use dynamic fields in the email templates. e.g. using [Receiver. name] to use Client's name dynamically. You can type "[" to open the list of all available merge fields.


If you have any questions please contact Clientjoy support at