Dashboard Overview

Get up to date, with the upcoming, due, and expired events information for Mailbox, Proposals, Invoices, and Different activities.


In this article, we'll cover

1. What are all things you can view and manage from the Clientjoy Dashboard?

There are mainly 4 windows providing various information on events, activities, Invoices, Proposals, etc.

Below are the things you can view and manage from these event windows:


A. Upcoming :

  • All the upcoming events for the next 7 days starting from "today"(Present day)

  • Details of payment reminder emails

  • Proposals, Invoices, that will be expiring

  • Upcoming recurring invoices taking place in the next 7 days

  • Upcoming activities and meetings

  • Any other calendar event that is going to take place within the next 7 days

B. Due Invoices :

  • Due date Expired Invoices

  • Next reminder for invoice (If it is scheduled)

C. Expired Proposal :

  • All Expired Proposals

D. Due activities :

  • Past date activity with mark as done/Undone

  • On day activities

  • Future date activities

2. "Upcoming" Window - View and manage your events that will take place in the next 7 days

As soon as you open the Dashboard, the first event window that you can see is "Upcoming" events



A. You can mark any particular event, Meeting, Call as "Done" from the Dashboard by clicking on the checkbox:


B. You can redirect to any of the events, Invoices, proposals, and lead activities by simply clicking them.



3. "Due Invoices" Window - Update your due invoices directly from the Dashboard

There are multiple actions that you can do with your Due invoices, directly from the Dashboard, such as:


A. Open and redirect to that particular invoice by clicking on it:


B. Send Email of that invoice, Record Payment for that invoice, Pause reminder, Update invoice, View


4. "Expired Proposals" - View and update your expired proposals


You will be able to view and take various actions on the Expired Proposals from the Dashboard:


A. Open and redirect to that particular invoice by clicking on it:


B. Send Email of that proposal, Mark proposal as Accepted, Mark proposal as Declined, Update Proposal, and View:



5. "Due Activities" - Quick view and update all due activities and events

You can have a quick view of the due activities and events from the dashboard and can also update them.


A. You can mark that as "Done" directly checking into the check box


Or can open a quick view by clicking on the activity and click on the Mark as Done button as shown below:


B. To Update the activity, just click on that activity to open a quick view of it:


Then, click on the down arrow situated on the bottom left of the window as shown below.

This will give you Update and cancel options:

Update- It will open a new modal window to let you make the changes in the event

Cancel- It will allow you to cancel the event instantly.



C. After clicking on Update, a new modal window will open from which you can make the changes to your activity and Save it.


6. Analytics data for Sales Pipeline, Invoices, and Proposals

Further scrolling down on Dashboard, will show you a complete picture of how your business is working, that too in numbers.


A. Sales Pipeline: It will show you Stage wise number of accounts associated with the sales pipeline, along with the Deal size and value they cover:


The lead data is viewed in terms of the currency value they are holding, so you can also view the accounts that are associated with different currencies; by selecting that particular currency from the top right side as shown below:


B. Summary of invoices: It will show you the Number and value of Outstanding, Overdue, and Collected Invoices:


C. Proposals across Statuses: This Pie chart will show you all the proposals numbers with their amount Value, as per the Status they are currently in, like Sent, Open, Accepted, Declined etc:


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