Custom Merge Fields

In this, we'll cover


  1. What are Custom Fields?

  2. Type of custom fields

  3. How to add a custom field?

  4. Applying custom Fields.


Custom fields

Custom fields are used to add more details to almost anything in Clientjoy, including Leads, Customer, Company, Items, and Payments. Such as - Industry, Vertical, Company size, HSN code, GSTN number, VAT, FAT, etc.


Type of custom fields

There are 4 different types of custom fields:

  • Text

  • Date

  • Select

  • Multi-select

  • Number


How to add a custom field?

  1. Navigate to settings.

  2. Select Custom Field as an option from the sidebar.

  3. Click on + Add Custom Field Button.

  4. Choose which module is it for?

  5. Select the appropriate type. ( Text, Date, Select, Multiselect, and Number).

  6. You can mark the toggle if you want the custom field to be mandatory.

  7. Click on Save.



Note: The user can not create the same Custom field again for the same module.

For example, in the below screenshot I have "Subdivision" as a Custom field for the lead module and I am trying to create another field with the same name the app throws an exception.



Applying custom fields as merge fields:

Custom Fields as merge fields can be applied on Proposals, Invoices, and Email Templates.

Proposal- Custom merge fields for proposals can be applied by simply using the " [ " on the proposal editor page.




Note: Custom fields related to Customer/Lead will be visible on the sidebar when is in edit mode refer to the screenshot below.



Invoices- Custom merge fields for invoices can be applied from the formatting options under the Invoice settings.





Email Templates- Custom merge fields on the email templates can be applied by-

a) Clicking on the Merge field button available at the bottom of the email text.



b) By simply using " [ " and choosing the desired merge fields from the list.


Do you have questions or feedback? Please feel free to reach Clientjoy support via chat/ email (, or explore Help Center to get information!