Calendar & Activities Overview

Stay organized by maintaining all your activities in a calendar which will help you to manage your business activities effectively. Organized tasks help you to track your activities and save a lot of time.


Following are the things you will be able to manage in your Calendar 📆 in Clientjoy:


1) View all your activities in two different views - List view and Calendar view.

2) Select the kind of activity you want to create by using multiple options like call, meeting, task, deadline, email, and lunch. This helps you to identify the kind of activities you have created.

Note 🗒️: You can also see your created task inside the lead/customer details for whom the activity is created.

3) Add multiple guests to your activity.

4) Link 🔗 your activity with a lead/customer

5) Add an internal note 📓 for you and your team's reference.


6) Describe your activity and the location of the activity for the invited members.

7) Update your created activities.


8) Mark the activity as Done /Undone


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