Audit Trail | Know what happened with your Invoice

We'll cover


  1. Why do you need an Audit Trail?

  2. What can I know through the Audit Trail?

  3. How to access the Audit trail of the Invoice?



Why do you need an Audit Trail?

An Audit Trail helps you keep track of all the activity that happened with your Invoice. E.g. who opened the Invoice, who updated it, etc. One main purpose of an audit trial is to help detect and prevent fraud.


What you can know through the Audit trail?

Through the audit trail you can know :

  • Who created the invoice.

  • Who updated the invoice.

  • Whether customer opened the email containing the Invoice which you sent through Clientjoy.

  • Whether customer opened the Invoice Link and from which location.

  • Payment collected through online payment methods like Stripe, PayPal, etc.

  • Reminders sent to the Customer


How to access the Audit trail of an Invoice?

  • Navigate to the Invoice listing page.

  • Click on the invoice whose audit trial you want to check.

  • In the left menu there are three different icons available click on audit trial icon to check the audit trial.





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